Oshrit Broyer Tepper Family Lawyer and Mediator

Oshrit Broyer Tepper Family Lawyer and Mediator

Oshrit Broyer Tepper had been practicing Family law in the last 20 years.

One of the leading boutique firms in Jerusalem, focusing on building the correct strategy for managing the Divorce case, including, Litigation, mediation and expertise in Negotiation and Divorce Agreements including collaborative law.

The firm will handle all aspects of the case from Property division, Parenting Agreements and Custody, spouse alimony and Child Support, Parental Alienation, Spousal Abuse and Child Abuse.

Oshrit gives also special service to the elderly working with them on Wills and Inheritance and ongoing/durable power of attorney (Yipui Koach Mitmashech)

Oshrit specializes in building strategies and tactics in cases that she manages. Oshrit is also an experienced mediator and negotiator and conducts family and divorce mediation cases with high rate of success in dispute settlement.

Oshrit provides personal attention, high sensitivity and creativity, sees the client and not the case. All of this without compromising professionalism and determination.

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